About Indgro Holdings (Pty) Ltd

We promise to:

  • Be brilliant at the basics.
  • Face the brutal facts.
  • Smash in the silos.
  • Lead with integrity, energy and respect.
  • Take accountability for results and people.
  • Energize, enable and execute.
  • Agree through mutual commitment.

You have direct access to our wealth of experience and results that set us apart!

<h2>Provide the end result</h2>

Provide the end result

“Indgro reduced our overtime by 37%.”
Regional Director Premier Foods (Pty) Ltd
<h2>Boost Engagements and Earnings</h2>

Boost Engagements and Earnings

“Indgro saved us R1 million in 1st month after commencement of contract.”
Managing Director Genfood (Pty) Ltd
<h2>Mitigation of risks associated with employment relationships</h2>

Mitigation of risks associated with employment relationships

The right fit, from hire to retire cycles,
giving you peace of mind.

Top reasons why our clients choose the Indgro Group as the preferred “solutions offering” to their problems…

You Need It, We Have It

We want to exceed your expectations, on time every time through tailor-made solutions to fit, ensuring peace of mind. Our custom developed tools focus on performance monitoring and optimization of the skill set requirements against that of the applicant.

Driven by Results

Our ability to leverage innovation and technology through our exceptional relationships put you at the forefront of gaining the best outcome.

Clarification of Your Exact Expectations

We identify your exact needs and build a solution around that, streamline the rollout, reduce time and focus on the deliverables, giving you peace of mind.

Anticipation Ahead Of Time

We anticipate market trends ahead of time and offer the best possible alternative solutions to our clients

Guaranteed Compliance

We guarantee compliance to all statutes and matters governing the employment relationship. Our commercial agreements and contracts are endorsed and approved by the third biggest law firm in the world.

Corporate Governance Guaranteed

  • Registered as a Private Employment Office.
  • Workmen’s Compensation Letter of Good Standing.
  • Registered with the Department of Labour with Work Skills Plan and
  • Employment Equity.
  • SARS Compliant.
  • Registration with all relevant Bargaining Councils.
  • Member of NCCA.
  • Member of APSO.
  • Member of IPM.
  • Member of Institute of Directors.
  • Member of Human Resources Council of South Africa.


We offer customised Cost & Compensation structures . . . Short, Medium or Long-term gain options.

Timely Payments

Our client companies enjoy a 99.997% payroll accuracy.

Achievements of our BEE Strategy

  • Active partnership with Black Seed since 2010.
  • We run several learnerships through registered training institutions throughout the year.
  • We are actively involved with schools such as Riverdene Secondary School. We sponsor the school with feeding schemes, equipment and bursaries for top students.
  • Our CEO is the Brand Ambassador for the Educational Division of Tekkie Tax and the Legacy Trust.
  • Since our inception in 1982, Indgro has provided employment for, in excess of 300 000 applicants, in several markets, industries and countries, with more than 450 clients across the globe.

Constant Innovation

We obtain results. The biggest part of our growth comes from our satisfied clients introducing us to their clients.

Companies that apply their intelligence to inventing new products and services, which offer value for money in the “Hard Times” scenario, will continue to grow and flourish. Unintelligent companies will go to the wall. Individuals who demonstrate versatility of skills and flexibility of mind will make a good living. Those that fail to adapt will limit their chances.

Highly Effective

We get results. The biggest part of our growth comes from our satisfied clients introducing us to their clients.
90% of our clients expand our services to other areas of their companies.

International Reach

We have a wide geographical reach and our offering extends to the USA and Europe through several partnership agreements.

We solve your problems

We help you to find the best solution, solving tomorrow ‘s people problems today.

Client Investment First

We understand the importance of the right placement and the compounding affect his has on your business. We work with your business and your investment in our applicants as if it is our own

Exceptional Client Centric Experience

Our industry surpassed Client Satisfaction Index since June 2012 is 98%.

Mitigation of Risk

  • 99% CCMA ruling in our favour for the past four years.
  • Public indemnity insurance to the amount of R7 million.
  • Professional indemnity top-up insurance up to R20 million.
  • Indgro carries out nine audits to ensure compliance.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

  • ISO certification allows for compliance in process and information flow and audits of non-compliance and corrective action.
  • It ensures sustained customer satisfaction by delivering services and providing support functions that meet customer’s needs and expectations.
  • It ensures Top management’s involvement in the improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • It facilitates the organization to become a customer-focused organization.
  • It promises increased effectiveness and efficiency of the organization through continual improvement in systems and service quality.

All four our branches are ISO Certified:




Western Cape

Right Fit Skill Sets

Our range of assessments, tests and customized onboarding and performance management systems match the exact fit.

Spotless Track Record

Since our inception in 1982, our Group of Companies have had 0 findings in respect of non-compliance.

Black Economic Empowerment

The Indgro Group’s vision on BBBEE is geared towards a positive change of transformation and leverage opportunities for our country and its citizens. We understand the importance of employment matters to the survival of this country and our economy through the active engagement of stakeholders who make a difference.  Our focus is towards making a difference and not by constantly looking at our scorecard and rating levels. We are currently on level 4.

Extremely Efficient

Attendance, timekeeping, invoicing and payment systems are seamlessly geared for any possibility.

Personal Accountability

We take personal accountability for every decision we make and we deal with your company more conservatively, as if it is our own.

Great Talent is Hard to Find

If you can’t find good talent, it’s likely because they are already working for us. Get them working for you – without any risk.

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