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Why Indgro Contract Cleaning? What’s in it for you?

Understanding mutual expectations upfront.

  • Identification of the five most critical cleaning requirements.

Don’t promise on A Team cleaning solutions.

  • Both parties must be on top of their game to attract each other.
  • Engagement on contract cleaning.
  • We view this as the cornerstone of the partnership.

How do we do it?

  • How-do-we-do-itClarify and understand mutual cleaning expectations upfront. Constantly review with stakeholders.
  • Designed cleaning solution to fit with options for you to choose from.
  • We take personal accountability for every contract cleaning decision. This runs in our DNA.
  • We manage what we measure and report on this.
  • Self-audits, in conjunction with client, address cleaning constraints and corrective action to be taken.

What is your cleaning life cycle and cleaning demands.

  • Are these required cleaning solutions permanent, temporary, project-based or seasonal, to name but a few.

Take total accountability for every contract cleaning decision.

  • We share the responsibility and you take the credit.

What are our keys for winning?

We integrate our exceptional relationships though technology and innovation.

We apply the four keys of winning

  • Follow-up and follow through.
  • Trust and verify.
  • Speed of implementation.
  • No excuses.

Regular time management reviews.

  • We practice effective time management.
  • Integrate or your own biometrics
  • Payroll audits and on time payment – 99.9997% payroll accuracy.

What we do different?

  • What-do-we-do-differentSelf-evaluate and continuous improvement ethos.
  • Understand the operational cycles and needs of clients to keep cleaning solutions offering effective and on time. Constant monitor changes.
  • Apply good cleaning practices aligned with GMP.
  • Attend invocoms of clients to better understand demand cycles to plan forward.
  • Monitor key inspections point and Master Cleaning Plans against measured performance standards.
  • Raising of non-conformance and follow up.
  • Seamless integration of orders and administration.
  • On line assessment for all staff to assess skill sets and product + standard knowledge. (Client specific)
  • Instant feedback on monthly review meetings and progress on follow up + corrective action.
  • Engagement of staff on deliverables and results and targets.
  • Flexible – We offer custom cost & compensation structures.  Short, medium or long term gain options.
  • Some of the technology we use relates to:

Equipment and Chemicals

  • Cleaning-Equipment-and-ChemicslExclusive partnership agreement with reputable suppliers.
  • Effective leveraging of investment through purchasing initiatives.
  • All chemicals and equipment used complies with SABS approved Standards.
  • Quality & reliability – staying abreast of the latest Cleaning trends and innovation – pass this onto the clients.
  • 24hr Backup service is provided to us by our suppliers.
  • Replacements for all faulty equipment.
  • All repairs and maintenance will be for Indgro’s account.
  • All members of staff will receive continuous training on the equipment to be used.

Some skill set interventions

  • Superior assessment and selection tools with sterling results.
  • Continuous training and development across multiple functions and tiers.
    o Quarterly ER and supervisory training.
    o Several learnerships based on unit standards.
    o Leadership development.
  • Supremely skilled staff – matching your hire-to-retire requirements. No excuses.
  • Rapid right fit recruiting – great talent is hard to find – they are already working for us.

We provide services to the following industries:

  • Breweries
  • Bakeries
  • Clinics
  • Casino’s
  • Commercial
  • Hospitals
  • Kitchens & Canteens
  • Laundromats
  • Mines
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Ranches & Farms
  • Shopping Centers
  • Washrooms & Change Rooms

Environmentally friendly and SABS approved chemicals

  • Colour-coded equipment.
  • Remote working arrangements – continue to proliferate and expand outside boundaries, forcing employees to be more innovative.
  • Cloud and BPO reduce infrastructure requirements.
  • Suite of solutions exponentially becomes greater through consolidation of resources.
  • We use Classmarker to assess the competence of our employees that are client specific. This shortens the rollout plan, target specific training and development  needs.
  • Our rigorous auditing of our solution offering and results, provides a constant feedback completes the loop for continuous improvement.
  • Client centric tool giving you instant access to audits and feedback.

Indgro Cleaning, was established in 1982 and have extensive experience in all cleaning-related services. We’re ready to provide you with a tailor-made solution.



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