Total People Solutions


Who is Total People Solutions?

  • TPS forms part of the Indgro Holdings Group of Companies in existence since 1982.
  • Total People Solutions provides an “end result” driven service to our clients.

How do we do it?

  • We sell an “end result” to our clients. An example would be that if shift workers are provided to produce fruit juices on the premises of the client, the contractual relationship between the client and TPS will be that TPS produces “X” amount of litres of fruit juice in “Y” amount of time.
  • Our clients are not liable, in terms of Section 198(2) of the LRA and LRAA, and the deeming clause is not applicable to clients. This will allow us Total People Solutions to become the sole employer of the employees.
  • To ensure that the above is a managed service relationship, all instructions and supervision to TPS employees will come from TPS only.  TPS will provide the employees with the tools of the trade and do all the development and training of employees.
  • TPS will manage the total employment cycle from hire to retire, including payroll, HR / ER function, and source and place employees and be responsible for the agreed outputs as contracted.

Why change from TES to TPS?

  • Currently legislation deemed an employee working for a client as a permanent employee of the client after 3 months.
  • Rigorous LRA makes it difficult for clients to mitigate risk, contain cost and manage employment cycle demands.
  • For you to appoint these employees on the same terms and conditions as other permanent employees your flexibility is taken away and it also has a direct negative impact on cost.
  • TPS will be able to provide a managed service and facility based outcome to all our clients, tailor-made to the specifications of each client.

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The Benefits

  • Employees now permanent employees of TPS – You as the client has limited permanent contracts which ensures flexibility during peak periods.
  • Flexible reward structures aligned with performance standards giving short, medium and long term gain options.
  • PPE – Managing of all PPE requirements.
  • Managing of full HR function including bonus and provident fund.
  • Full HR, IR and ER function.
  • All Union matter will be the responsibility of TPS only.
  • Joint liability NOT applicable to client.
  • All lawyers’ fees for TPS’s account.

Why change? What is in it for you?

  • Mitigation of risk specifically relating to the employment relationship.
    o Justifiable reasons.
    o Reasonable expectation.
    o Section 200 LRA.
    o Differentiations – EE.
    o Joint and several liability.
    o Equal pay for equal value.
    o Pending CCMA cases.
    o Potential fines for none compliance min R 1.5 m or 2% of TO.
    o Measurement of results – SLA.
    o Access to a wealth of additional resources.

What’s in it for you?

  • Measurement of results – SLA.
  • Access to a wealth of additional resources.
  • Mitigation of risk specifically relating to the employment relationship:
    o Deemed clause Section 198.
    o Justifiable reasons.
    o Reasonable expectation.
    o Section 200 LRA.
    o Differentiations – EE.
    o Joint and several liability.
    o Equal pay for equal value.
    o Pending CCMA cases.
    o Potential fines for none compliance min R1.5m or 2% of turnover.
    o 99% CCMA ruling in favour of business for past 4 years.
    o Public Indemnity R2m.
    o Professional Indemnity top-up up to R10m.
    o ISO certification allows for compliance in process and information flow, audits of non-compliance and corrective action.
    o Indgro carries out nine different audits to ensure compliance.

The new Total People Solution value proposition

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How do we do it?

  • We clarify and understand mutual expectation upfront. Constantly review with the client and stakeholders.
  • We design a solution to fit, with options for you to choose from.
  • We take personal accountability for every contractual decision – this runs in our DNA.
  • We manage what we measure and report on that.
  • Self-audits, in conjunction with client, address constraints and corrective action to be taken.
  • We integrate our exceptional relationships with technology and innovation.
  • We apply the four keys of winning:
    o Follow-up and follow through.
    o Trust and verify.
    o Speed of implementation.
    o No excuses.
  • Regular management reviews.
  • Practice effective time management – i.e. Payroll audits and on time payment – 99.9997% payroll accuracy.
  • Integrate or own biometrics.

What we do different?

  • Self-evaluate and continuous improvement ethos.
  • Understand the operational cycles and needs of clients to keep innovative solutions offering effective and on time. Constant monitoring of changes.
  • Instant feedback on monthly review meetings and progress on follow up as well as corrective action.
  • Engagement of staff on deliverables, results and targets.
  • Flexible – We offer custom cost and compensation structures with short, medium or long term gain options.

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