Our approach and methodologies guided by values go beyond traditional thinking, in order to drive Organizational Efficiencies through Temporary Employment Services (TES) and Functional Outsourcing it is important to distinguish between the following:

  • Productivity

Productivity is generally regarded as a measure of outputs divided by inputs. All the activities that one gets done in a day may be considered your output and the time one puts into them are inputs.

  • Efficiency

Efficiency is a measure of how well one does those things. If one can get more outputs from the same inputs, one is said to have increased efficiency.

  • Effectiveness

Effectiveness is a measure of doing the right things. Highly effective individuals and companies act in ways that move their highest priorities forward on a regular basis, which incorporates:

  • Productivity = Output / Input
  • Efficiency = Doing things right
  • Effectiveness = Doing the right things.