Temporary Employment Services

Which includes but are not limited to:

  • Special Assignees- with specific skill sets
  • Induction
  • Payroll Services
  • Time and Attendance
  • Bargaining Councils Administration
  • Industrial Relations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • CCMA Matters
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Temporary and or Contract Employees (Assignees) prior to appointment (aligned with Role Profiles)
  • Fixed- Term Agreements
  • General Wage and Employee Administration
  • Site Management

Site Management Includes:

  • Recruitment and screening of all Temporary and or Contract Employees (Assignees)
  • Supply of PPE to Temporary and or Contract Employees (Assignees) as required
  • Payment of all supplied Temporary and or Contract Employees (Assignees) (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Performance Management processes (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • All Industrial related matters
  • Handling of all HR and other Temporary and or Contract Employees (Assignees) related issues
  • We will provide successful candidates with the relevant Agreement of Employment and Role Profile, tailor-made to suit assignment incorporating:
    1. Key Performance Indicators and Requirements
    2. Working Hours
    3. Rate of Pay
    4. Disciplinary Code

Hygiene and Cleaning Solutions

Which includes but are not limited to:

  • HACCP Compliant Cleaning * Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, which is aimed at the prevention of contamination.
  • Contract Cleaning
  • Once-Off Cleaning
  • Hygiene Services
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Project Cleaning, as indicated below.

Project Cleaning Incorporates:

  1. Special Events
  2. Deep Cleaning of Ablutions
  3. Carpet Cleaning
  4. Cleaning of Blinds
  5. Strip and Seal of Floors
  6. Pre-cleaning of Vacant Properties
  7. Cleaning of Upholstered Chairs and Furniture
  8. Specialised Window Cleaning

Specialized Window Cleaning

We are proud to announce the launch of our water-fed pole system for cleaning windows.

The above Vertical incorporate window cleaners (inside and out) for commercial concerns including office blocks, showrooms, factories, apartment complexes and anywhere else where you have windows.

We clean external windows using extendable poles and distilled water. Traditional methods are used internally as required under strict health and safety Procedures. This allows us to provide a professional and cost-effective Service for your business.

The Benefits Include:

  • A trailer- mounted system
  • Safety first- no ladders or scaffolding are required
  • High reach- up to 5 storeys from the ground
  • The cleaner leaves the windows with no spotting or streaking
  • Cost-effective- competitive pricing due to the speed of execution
  • No chemicals or detergents are used in the process, which is 100% environmentally friendly, providing the perfect solution to “green” window cleaning needs.

Fast - up to 70% quicker than traditional methods used

The System

The two key challenges in cleaning windows are firstly ensuring a great clean without using harmful chemicals and secondly reaching high places without endangering the Temporary and or Contract Employees (Assignees) involved.

The way we solve these challenges through our system is by using telescopic poles and purified- distilled water.

The Water

The purified water has a very high solvency level, and as such grabs the dirt. The brushes on the poles disturb the dirt which is then scooped by the water without the need for chemicals.

The dirty water is then rinsed off the windows using additional purified water. Because the purified water has no residue, the windows can be left to dry naturally for a spotless finish.

Furthermore, the water is PH neutral and does not attract new dirt as quickly as windows cleaned with chemical agents. Your windows therefore stay cleaner for longer.

The Telescopic Poles

These specially designed lightweight poles allow us to reach high windows (up to 5 storeys) without the need for ladders or scaffolding. This minimises the risk of injury to our Temporary and or Contract Employees (Assignees), and damage to your property. A thin-bore tube transports the purified water up the poles where it is sprayed through the nozzle at low pressure, so it can be controlled easily.

Pest Control

Our Integrated Pest Management Includes:

  • Inspection
  • Identification
  • Restriction and Exclusion
  • Elimination
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Record keeping and or Management File
  • Audits

Pest Type Categories, Consisting Of:

  1. General Pests: Rodents, cockroaches and flies.
  2. Occasional Pests: Are “seasonal” pests such as ants, carpet lice, bed bugs, paper lice, fleas and other crawling and biting insects.
  3. Stored Product Pests: Beetles, weevils and moths that attack and infest cereal products, dried fruit, chocolate, nuts, rice, grain and spices.

Once- Off Services include:

  • Fogging or space spraying treatment: Stored Product Pests and major cockroach infestations.
  • Fumigation: The term “fumigation” applies mainly to the treatment of major infestations in bulk food storage or infested packed foodstuffs, as well as wooden pallets for export and wooden beams in houses amongst others.
  • Drill and injection treatment.
  • Soil poisoning: Pre- construction treatment of building foundation trenches and surrounds.

Payroll Services

The above service includes:

  1. Calculation of EMP201
  2. Calculation of EMP501
  3. Submission of Bank file and payment of funds
  4. Submission of Audit File per payroll
  5. Payslips printed and distributed (as selected) to Employees
  6. Bi-annual calculation of IRP5
  7. Calculation of GL to accounting system
  8. Payroll Reports: Loans, deductions amongst others
  9. Leave administration.

Indgro Functional Solutions

This is a Functional Outsourcing Business Model.

Our Clients are not liable, in terms of Section 198(2) of the LRA and LRAA, and the Deeming Clause is not applicable to Clients. This will allow Indgro Functional Solutions to become the sole Employer of the Employees Function- which is ring-fenced.

To ensure the above is a managed service relationship, all instructions and supervision of IFS Employees will come from IFS only. IFS will provide the Employees with capital equipment (where required) and do all the development and training of Employees.

IFS will manage the total employment cycle from hire to retire, including payroll, HR and IR Function (but not limited to), and source and place Employees.

IFS will be responsible for the agreed SLA objectives with the Client.

Permanent and Temporary Placements

Managed by Indgro Multi Services Group™ Recruitment Centre within various operating main centres, which operates as a centre of excellence with the support of national recruitment hubs.

The Recruitment Process Includes Following:

  • Database management, advertising and interviewing.
  • Reference checks, literacy and numeracy testing.
  • Verification of qualifications.
  • Criminal and credit checks utilising the Biometric AFISwitchSystem.
  • Unbiased polygraph and psychometric evaluations.