Guillaumé Marais- Managing Director Indgro Outsourcing (PTY) LTD, Trading as Indgro Multi Services Group™ I will apply the same below.

A word from the Managing Director: Every successful Business Leader must have an intentional purpose. Clarity of purpose, simplifying the end result by allowing stakeholders to understand and share the vision, their “why” and overall contribution into this journey. When all these elements come together and ignites, it is like putting rocket fuel in an engine.

In addition to having a purpose, Leaders should also be visionaries, be mindful through displaying exceptional resilience, emotional maturity and be a great steward of servantship.

It is important that there is a clearly defined Overall Objective that expresses what is to be achieved, and importantly by when, which should be a powerful declaration that will serve as the driving force for everything that follows.

True Business Leaders understand the importance of developing strong business leadership skills and recognize the power of purpose and Vision which revolved around the alignment of Culture Values within the strategic business objectives, fit for a purpose. Furthermore, successful Leaders realize that this can be the catalyst for the Design, Execution and Cascading of Strategy. – “Think, behave… become”

The following questions were posed to Guillaumé:

  • When and how was the Company established?
  • What was the biggest unexpected spinoff that pleasantly surprised you?
  • What is the biggest recurring challenge and how did you overcome it?

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